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Hospitalists: A Team Approach to Care

Meet Our Hospitalists

​​​Our team of in-hospital physicians help navigate and manage patient care.

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic has a team of hospitalists (including pediatric hospitalists) stationed at several local hospitals to provide specialized care for our hospitalized patients. These include CHI St. Luke’s Health – Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, Texas Children’s Hospital and The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. We also have a vast network of affiliate physicians who take care of Kelsey-Seybold patients at many other Houston area hospitals.

Hospitalists are physicians who take over the care of the patient from the primary care physician (PCP) while the patient is in the hospital. Their role is to ensure that each patient receives the level of care that is required for the acuity of the disease. They observe and evaluate the patient’s status, progress and test results, which allows them to provide evidence-based, personal, patient-centered care. Through hands-on interaction and an understanding of medical history, hospitalists are able to get to know each patient’s unique needs during his or her hospital stay and coordinate the care of the patient with the PCP and specialists involved in the care. 

Once the patient is discharged, the hospitalist ensures the patient is handed back to their primary care physician. The hospital course and medication changes are conveyed back to the PCP via electronic medical chart.
Benefits of Hospitalist Care
When a Kelsey-Seybold patient is admitted for hospitalization, the Kelsey-Seybold hospitalist acts as the “team captain” for the patient’s care. Here is how:
  1. Evaluates and treats in the ER, when possible, in collaboration with the ER physician.
  2. Initiates the Plan of Care.
  3. Orders specialist consults as needed from Kelsey-Seybold or the clinic’s Affiliate Network.
  4. Expedites testing, reviews results and coordinates inpatient care with specialists in the care team.
  5. Serves as main point-of-contact for primary care physician and specialists during the patient’s hospital stay.
  6. Continuously identifies opportunities for transfer to the next level of care appropriate for patient’s condition.
  7. Upon discharge, arranges primary care physician and specialist follow-ups, determines appropriate level of post-acute care if needed.
  8. Can alert Kelsey-Seybold nurse case manager or social worker if the patient requires further assistance upon discharge home.

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